1 million volt taser

Peggy ONeal-Doane — January 17, After back surgery and several months of the walker, I felt I still wanted a cane for security. I saw the cane zap in a catalog and told my husband I wanted this for Christmas. This is the most unique useful cane I ever saw.

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I walked a mile in Big Sur, with the cane and felt great. I had all four back disk fused, so that was great after that surgery. It sure fixes the old lady look with this cane, it is not only sturdy but looks cool. My Doctor saw it and said looks like a weapon, I said it is. When I told him about what it did, he ask for web site so as he could purchase one, he is 40 and does not need a cane.

It is great security when you walk mentally and physically. Peggy Doane. You must be logged in to post a review. Gun Safe Tips.

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Add to cart Show Details. Rated 5 out of 5.No, even the normal 18, volt ones used by the police a taser without the probes, called dry stunning does not put people out like in the movies. To put a normal person out is very hard. At the very least if you hit the right spot you would have to hold the stun gun on the person for a full 5 to 10 seconds. When you stun someone the bodies reaction is to pull away, so you have to have the person down on the ground immobilized already or be very strong to hold them while you stun them.

Not exactly fitting the criteria of self defense. The arcing of the stun gun does scare some people. Pepper gas in a stream and with you practicing its use works better than any stun gun made. Voltage is all hype. All are the same or lower amperage because you could really kill someone with the proper amperage even at very ow voltage.

It does not work or to much lesser effect if person very large or thick clothing or wasted on drugs. It is Much less on discharge as current limited. I do not trust manufacturer's "claims". An HEI coil puts out 40Kv.

1 million volt taser

A CRT's second anode puts outvolts, they can Knock you out and you can be Thrown across room to hurt yourself physically, contact wires, etc. It isn't Volts, it's current and frequency.

Will a 5 Million Volt Stun Gun really stop a person?

REF: Electronics tech 34 years, built Tesla coils, other hi voltage projects, experimented with hi voltage static machines, induction coils. REF: Had cellie whom weighed lbs, cops had drained battery of a Taser trying to stop him, no effect as he was so wasted. He was naked at time, too.

1 million volt taser

Since they affect central nervous system, if that wipedno effect. Are you serious!?!?!? It takes fricken 20 million volts to stop a person. I have a 5 million volt stun baton that'll change your mind. Will a 5 Million Volt Stun Gun really stop a person.

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Zap Taser Test 1 Million Volts

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Jay Ebay 6 years ago Report. No try it on your mother to see if it will work. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.No, the 2 million volt stun gun is not deadly it is only. It is amps that kill not the voltage. The only true 2 million volt stun gun is the Shock 'n Awe Body Guard Stun Gun which allows you to drop a attacker in less than a second.

Taser or stun guns can not kill. Every Police Officer who carries a Taser has been shot with a Taser. No Police Officer has been killed or even went to the hospital. Tasers are 50, volts and are available to the general public. A Stun Gun is like the Taser but you touch the assailant to drop them.

Voltage is much higher as it must go through clothing and coats to drop the bad guy. In some ways the Stun Gun is superior to the Taser.

Stun Cane with Flashlight 1 Million Volts

Rubbing your feet on a carpet and touching a door knob generates more voltage than that. The static generator you see in science exhibits the globe that make your hair stand on end have 2 million volts. Amperage is deadly, not volts.

A taser has. Think about this There is not one report of an officer being killed, or even injured, while training.

Make a 15 Million Volt Bug Swatter

This tells me there is something else causing the deaths. For those that do die after, there has not been one confirmed report of a taser causing death. There is always some other condition, either drug overdose or some other medical complication. I never heard of a 2 million volt taser. Plus, last I heard tasers are illegal to own by the general public.

In contrast an electical socket in your home has only volts but can definately kill you higher amps. Because they have to be effective. Being a police officer is a dangerous job and they have a right to protect themselves. As far as I'm concerned most of the folks they have to taser should just get a bullet through their head.

Lots of cops get killed every year. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. The Shock 'n Awe is a stun gun not a Taser. To correct some of the other posts: Most people call stun guns Tasers butThis walking cane measures 32 inches and can be easily extended to 36 inches to accommodate users of different height.

When threatened, you can either use the built-in super bright LED flashlight to blind your attacker, or deliver a shocking 1 million volts of electric power that will cause your attacker's muscles to lose control, effectively immobilizing him for minutes. Having a length of 32 to 36 inches also means that you can defend against your assailant from a safe distance away. This stun walking cane also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

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However, if you prefer to pay with check or money order, just choose the off-line option when you check out. It Offers Lifetime Warranty. Click Image for Details. Complete Description.

1 million volt taser

Stun Cane with Flashlight 1 Million Volts This walking cane measures 32 inches and can be easily extended to 36 inches to accommodate users of different height. Features: 1 million volts of stopping power or 4. It will not operate properly until fully charged. New Products. Top Featured Products.By Chris Greenwood for the Daily Mail. Status symbol? Stun guns up to 20 times more powerful are being illegally imported into Britain. Stun guns up to 20 times more powerful than police Tasers are being illegally imported into Britain.

The weapons, which can discharge up to one million volts, are highly prized by members of the criminal underworld.

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An investigation found they can be easily imported into the country via overseas mail order websites. Several days later, the illegal weapon arrived by post. It came with a free can of pepper spray, which is also illegal. Police suspect the stun guns were among hundreds which slip through Customs checks undetected every year. The evidence is that criminals want to own them but they rarely use them. Also, even though they are classified as a firearm, the courts sometimes treat people caught with them more leniently than if they had a gun or knife.

At one million volts, one of the guns was 20 times more powerful than the 50,volt weapons carried by police. They include robberies and more than 50 offences where people were assaulted or harassed with the weapons. During that period police in the capital seized stun guns. That is seriously dangerous. Hit across the chest then anything could happen — [it could] end up killing someone. The investigation comes less than 18 months after the Serious Organised Crime Agency shut down the overseas operation of a US company selling stun guns and pepper sprays.

It was found to be behind almost three-quarters of all stun guns sent by post to Britain. Argos AO. Share this article Share. Most watched News videos Mystery woman stands naked on top of police car in Spain 'Stay away from me' Trump tells coronavirus survivor Clip from Ipswich purports to show elusive 'Fen Tiger' Police allow street party to take place during coronavirus lockdown Woman in Birmingham detained by five men during brawl in shop Thug caught on CCTV mugging elderly pensioner outside corner store Chris Tarrant shocks viewers with thoughts on coronavirus WHO says it is still learning about the intricacies of COVID Supermarket boss UNLEASHES on customers that are hoarding Entire street sings happy birthday to year-old neighbour Emmanuel Macron gets into fiery debate with nurse at hospital Simone Biles takes off her sweatpants in handstand challenge.

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Due to high demand, some processing and delivery times are longer than normal due to increased demand. The water pipe analogy is widely used in the industry, including by the National Institute of Justice.

Think of our analogy. The charge is analogous to the amount of water; you can have a still body of water. However, you can't have a current if there's nothing for it to carry. The amount of charge, or pain felt, is analogous to how wet you get. With a greater current, you can carry more charge in a given period of time. Having a great deal of voltage simply means that you have the potential to make charge move.

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Having just the potential to do this will not hurt you in the slightest unless you actually have some charges there to move. Having all that charge moving across your body will hurt you a great deal. Having high voltage does not mean that you have high current. So you can have a lot of potential to make charges move voltage without actually having any charges moving current. This means you can have high voltage without getting hurt at all.

A great example of this is static electricity. By pulling a sweater off over your head on a cold winter day you often feel sparks crackling… this requires thousands of volts, but does not really hurt. The electronic stun device market is permeated with claims of extremely high voltages. Unfortunately, most of these claims have little basis in reality. As you can see in the table below from an independent published source, the advertised voltage of most stun devices is greatly exaggerated.

The [device] delivers a peak voltage of V to the body. This threshold is consistent with results published in the Testimony of J. The National Institute of Justice has also confirmed that "subjects reported pain on average at 0. SABRE's newsletter is full of content to help you live a safe and healthy life. Enter your email to subscribe!

Skip to main content. The 1 brand used by police worldwide! Login Create Account. Fulltext search. Shop Now. These astronomical figures sound impressive - but the truth is, when it comes to stun guns, claims like these are not only wildly misleading, but also physically impossible.

is a 2 million volt taser deadly?

In fact, 30, is the maximum voltage that could jump across stun gun contacts spaced one centimeter apart.This Instructable will show you how to convert a weak store-bought electric fly zapper into a 15 Million Volt powerhouse that can incinerate the largest of bugs! Do not ever touch anyone or yourself with the electrified end!

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Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Remove and keep all the screw holding the zapper's black body together. Separate the body into two halves. Cut the wires that go from the switch on the side as close to the circuit board as you can to leave as much wire to the switch as possible.

Cut the two wires leading from yellow swatter head as close to circuit board as possible. Take the small screws out and separate the housing and remove everything. Using a Dremel Tool, I removed plastic to allow the large transformer from the stun gun to fit into the handle.

You want the transformer to be above the screw that holds body together and below the area where the yellow paddle installs. For convenience, i added a charging plug to the battery pack. This allows me to charge through my hobby charger Bonus - the battery pack that comes with the stun gun is a 6 volt ma.

Solder the 2 wires that come from the transformer pack to the two wires on the yellow paddle. Time to carefully close up the handle and reinstall the screws. Using electrical tape, put on several layers around the area we had to cut out for the transformer. When you press the button, you will hear a buzzing sound and will probably see some sparks on the metal grid as well around the perimeter of the swatter head.

This is the spark jumping the gap and normal Most stun guns tell you not to activate them for more than seconds at a time.

Participated in the Gadget Hacking and Accessories Contest. Everyone on Instructables must know the domain in which they produce things. The stun gun components are not producing 15 millions volts.

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